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From my youth, I've been dreaming, doodling and designing. My fervent desire since becoming a Christian in 2010 has been to bless others and glorify God through creativity and art.


Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I felt the Lord’s call to move to Regina, Saskatchewan in 2014, where I currently live with my loving wife and four stupendous children.


I am an Architectural Technologist by trade, having received an Advanced Diploma in Construction Engineering Technology from Conestoga College in 2013.

By 2016, I was still searching unsuccessfully for something to write about. But God was so gracious, and reinvigorated me through the creativity of my own daughter and her whimsical cast of characters. I knew then this was the idea I'd been waiting for! The King's Library Series takes these wonderful characters (The Stoofs) and uses them to tell classic Bible stories for a child audience, without compromising on the Biblical narrative. I know my own children love reading Bible stories with the quirky Stoofs!

I am so grateful for the Lord's hand on my life in making this series possible. I hope that these timeless tales can inspire many children to put their trust in the almighty God who can save their souls!